Light Blaster

Light Blaster

The Light Blaster™ is a strobe-based image projector and optical snoot. It brings you unlimited possibilities for creative freedom, letting you select and project still images onto any physical space. In an instant, the flash of your strobe can transform any ordinary wall into textures, patterns, people, landscapes or even entire worlds using 35mm slides now in your camera bag.

With the effortless help of the Light Blaster, what you see is no longer what you get. Experience for yourself the Light Blaster’s limitless potential to warp and transform reality and the ability to revolutionise the way you capture and create stories.

The Light Blaster uses your existing SLR lens and hot shoe strobe to project images at just the right moment. Wanna see this wonder with your own eye? Hit the movies.

No slides? No problem! We got slides for you, check out our incredible collection of pre-made transparencies or totally random 35mm slides.

The Light Blaster fits all Canon EF lenses out of the box and can be used with other lenses using adapters.

Creative Kits

Don’t have 35mm slides? No problem. Our Creative Kits are little bundles of reality printed on specially crafted transparencies for your creative use with the Light Blaster. These allow you to create a look, a background or a pattern right out of the box. The Creative Kits are made from printed transparency and can stand mild heat coming form a strobe, just make sure you give the heat enough time to dissipate between flash pops.
Each Creative Kit contains several slides and an extra slide cartridge.

Add All Transparency Creative Kits ($51)


If you need to Blast in a different way, we have the solution for you. Whether it’s a different lens, a more powerful studio strobe or simply hand-holding your Light Blaster, we have you covered.

Bring Your Own Backdrop

Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Make your own. The files below contain the magic template sauce for creating your very own Light Blaster compatible transparencies.

Make sure you have access to a printer that can print on slides, download the template, add your design and Blast away.

We made sure you can use any program you want to edit the files, choose from the following formats: IllustratorPDFPhotoshopPNG.

Alternatively you can convert your digital photos to slides with services like Color SlideGamma Tech or

You can also use any Rosco e-sized gobo using this 3D printed adapter.