About Us

Hi All! We’re Spekular and we’re glad you’re here.


At Spekular, we take creative development seriously. Ours and yours.

And we have fun doing it. We design and develop all of our products in-house and we strive to develop gear that helps you create your best photo and video work.


Our process is simple. We work side by side with designers, photographers and videographers daily. Many of our team are creators themselves.

We listen
We concept
We design
We test
We create
We push limits
We create again


We’ve made some really cool stuff we’re proud of:

  • The first flexible, wearable LED light wrap
  • The first hinged LED tube lighting system

But we’re most proud of what you all have created with the gear we make. We hope you’ll join our community – and we look forward to seeing what you create next.