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Achieve high-quality results from the most compact light. On the go? Slide KYU-6 it in your pack or pocket. Simply wrap it on your phone or camera for instant accent lighting for video and photo creations.

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Food & Product photography

Gain ultimate control of your accent lighting for up close product shots or add ambient fill light to create your mood.

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Light painting

The lighting pattern on the KYU-6 lets you paint with light for exceptional results you’ll only achieve with KYU-6 light wraps.

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A kit for every creative need

KYU-6™ Duo Kit


Have one of each: a KYU-6™ RGB light wrap and a KYU-6™ bi-color light wrap for ultimate flexibility. 

  • RGB: 15 colors and five brightness settings
  • Bi-color: 2700 to 6500K color temperature range and five brightness settings
  • RGB programmed modes: breathing, fire, fireworks, police, TV
  • Bi-color programmed modes: breathing, candle, explosion, red carpet, and a fast stroboscopic effect
  • Up to eight hours’ use from one charge, or run continuously from a USB port
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KYU-6™ Filmmakers Pro Kit


Flexible, powerful, and compact lighting. Simple panel configuration options, easy charging, and everything you need for video lighting in the Filmmakers Pro Kit.

  • Six wrappable, magnetic lighting devices in two flavours: bi-color and RGB
  • Two KYU-6™ Panels for Three to create bigger, brighter lights
  • Two KYU-6™ Charging for Threes to charge three KYU-6™ devices from one USB port
  • RGB: 15 colors and five brightness settings
  • Bi-color: 2700 to 6500K color temperature range
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Light Blaster Full Studio Kit


Use your existing lenses together with a speedlight or a studio strobe and its reflector to project images, shapes, or textures across your scenes with the Light Blaster. 

  • Convert your lenses and speedlights or studio strobes into a projector 
  • Cast patterns, textures, shapes, and even images across your background or subjects 
  • Use ready-made projection transparencies or gobos for convenience or produce your own for more creative control 
  • Use a speedlight for flexibility and portability or a studio strobe with standard reflector attached for maximum power 
  • The Light Blaster is compatible with all Canon EF and EF-S lenses and a Nikon F adapter is available 
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Light Blaster Creative Kit – Pro 1 Gobo Set


A pack of 10 gobos, shaped to cast perfect projections with sharp edges and deep, dark blacks using the Light Blaster. 

  • 10 precision-cut gobos to project shapes onto your background or models using the Light Blaster 
  • Crisp edges and true black in the blocked areas 
  • Adjust the focus of your lens to create a diffuse or softer edge 
  • Shapes include cactus, cityscape, matrix, geometric circles, picket fence, sphere, stars, sun, trees, and wave 
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