What’s in My Bag with Hailey Barrus

Lenses! Lights! Reflectors! Do you have a favorite piece of gear that’s in your camera bag, whatever the weather? We’ve asked our pro team to share their five favorite pieces of kit, which make the biggest difference to their work. Some of the choices might feel incredibly intuitive while others are completely surprising, but either way, we hope that they might give you some inspiration. Here, content creator extraordinaire Hailey Barrus gives us a sneaky look into her kit bag.

1. KYU-6 Vlogger’s Kit

The KYU-6 Vlogger’s Kit is one of my favorite tools to use for content creation because it gives me quality lighting no matter where life takes me to film. I can wrap it around my wrist, my phone, or use the mount for my camera.

2. DJI Pocket Gimbal

The pocket gimbal allows me to capture professional looking content without having to carry around a bunch of camera gear. It makes creating on the go easier and allows me to edit, select clips, and transfer them to my cell phone with their iPhone Adapter. This has been a major game changer in enhancing the content I create.

3. MacBook Pro

Having a MacBook Pro handy while creating content is a great reference and editing tool. It allows me to work remotely from anywhere, and review images and videos that I have captured in real time to make sure I get the best shot possible!

4. Sony A7R IV Camera

This camera as become my “go-to” for content creation. It has versatility to shoot high quality videos and images which allows me to get creative while maintaining good quality work.

5. KYU-6 RGB light wrap

The KYU-6 RGB light wrap has been the perfect on the go light for accent lighting while creating content. It is also a great tool to use to change the look and feel of a scene with its 15 different color modes to select from.

Parting quote

We asked Hailey to finish with a parting quote that summarizes her thoughts about content creation. This is what she had to say:

Being able to tell a story through content creation has always been one of my biggest passions and favorite things to do in life. Finding a way to captivate others while allowing yourself to get creative is one of the best feelings ever!

About Hailey Barrus

Hailey is a content creator who focuses on helping brands to tell their stories. The best place to keep up with her is on TikTok!

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