Top 3 most surprising uses for KYU-6™ LED light bracelet

KYU-6™ is one of the lowest-profile cine-lights in the world and both cinematographers and still photographers have found loads of creative ways to use KYU-6 lights in their projects.
To our surprise, KYU-6 users in our online Spekular Community have found some incredibly creative ways to use these flexible and wearable LED lights as compact and always handy utility lights.


We can all agree that going camping or hiking is fun. KYU-6 provides portable lighting that runs for eight hours on a single charge. This space-saving and long-lasting light can make a huge difference in your camping experience when the sun sets. For longer trips, KYU-6 can easily be recharged via a portable power bank.


We all lead busy lives and sometimes the only time for exercise is at night — in the dark. It is important to stay visible and KYU-6 is a flexible LED light that will wrap around your wrist or bike or pretty much anything. Lightweight but still bright, these lights will give you the ability to do any sports activity while staying lit without slowing you down.


We’ve all experienced power outages, or even had a car breakdown on a country road at night. It’s crucial to have a battery-powered light with you to signal your location or light your way through the situation. You can actually wrap KYU-6 around your wrist or objects near you, or attach them to metals using the built-in magnet, to give you the light that you need to deal with your emergency situation.


Got any more surprising uses for KYU-6? Please do feel free to share them with us via our community group or email:

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