How I took the shot – mixing gels and projectors

When I saw DexDee Livingstone‘s latest portrait I was immediately drawn in;  it was so strong and full of emotion. I just had to reach out and ask DexDee about the setup.

While this is a relativity simple shoot in terms of setup, it was also very technical. The main challenge here was to pinpoint the projection that is coming from the Light Blaster on the right spot on the model’s face. To keep the location persistent, I used a few text shots and let the model know that she should not move too much.
This is a four-light setup:
  • A yellow gelled strobe on camera-left
  • A red gelled LED light on camera-right
  • A strip box below the camera to fill the shadows and finally
  • A Light Blaster with an 85mm lens and a blue gel

I wanted to get tack sharp projections so I used the Pro Gobo Package as projection slides.

I took a few shots to position the projection at the right spot, and from here on it was all about directing the mode while keeping hear hed in the same position. Here is the setup used:

And here is the full set. Click a photo to watch with higher resolution


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