The Light Blaster creates SPOOK-takulous backgrounds!


Halloween is just around the corner, and that makes it a perfect time to photograph the costume characters in your life and use the Light Blaster to create incredible settings.

Light Blaster brings you unlimited creative possibilities, letting you select and project still images or patterns onto any background or object. In an instant, the flash of your strobe can transform any ordinary wall into textures, patterns, landscapes, or even entire worlds using 35mm slides.


The Light Blaster is a strobe-based image projector. Attach any Canon mount lens to a Spekular Light Blaster (Accessory Mount for Nikon Lenses is also available) then insert your Speedlight into the end of the Light Blaster, and you have a powerful projector that will transform any background.  You can even make it look like you shot outside or on location with NO Photoshop involved.

The Light Blaster works with any 35mm slide, or you can check out our incredible collection of pre-made transparencies or use any slides that you already have. You can even have your own slides made from your digital files.

Experience for yourself the Light Blaster’s limitless potential to transform reality and the ability to revolutionize the way you create images.

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