Learn How to Light Paint Your Product Photography

If you are looking for a way to spice up your product photography game, how about some light painting?

Photographer Mark Duffy just shared his light painting technique for product photography. Naturally, it involves KYU-6 led light bracelets and some brand new ‘Puma’ sneakers.

As Mark mentioned, this video isn’t about general product photogaphy lighting (don’t worry, he promised to make a video about it shortly.) This tutorial is about how to make your product photography more interesting by using LED lights with a simple light painting technique.

Mixing light painting and strobes is a fun and easy technique. Just think about it as two separate photos. The first “photo” uses the strobes to light the object and the second “photo” is made by painting light. The individual LEDs inside KYU-6 create rails of light that suggests the shoe’s moving. The two photos do not interfere with each other.

After the flash triggers, move the LED light(s) in front of the camera and start drawing your photo, Picasso style. There is just one thing: you probably won’t be able to move the lights EXACTLY as we did in any shot, since… well, humans are not machines. On the bright side, it makes every shot unique and fun!

Mark uses between one and three KYU-6s in different parts of the video to create different looks in the shot. For example, the image at the top of this post uses a single KYU 6 LED set to blue,while the image in the gfallery uses three KYU-6 LEDs ,each set to a different color.


See more of Mark Duffy’s work here, and don’t forget to subscribe to his Youtube channel.

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