How the KYU-6 Enhances Product Photography with Illya Ovchar

Illya Ovchar is a fashion, lifestyle, and product photographer based out of Munich Germany. Illya recently reviewed Spekular’s KYU-6 Lights for Fstoppers, and discussed the unique benefits of using a KYU-6 light when conventional lighting solutions aren’t an option. Be it weight, space, or any other limitation, small lights are a must in any photographer’s kit. Despite not being the most powerful, they are often most used on sets and locations. Among the sea of small lights, a few stand out. One such light is the Spekular KYU-6.

KYU-6 Product Photography Set Up

Illya made this image with an iPhone, a black backdrop, and a few LED KYU-6 lights. Illwanted to show the dimension and depth of the shoe. To do so, the camera was placed below, and a wide-ish angle was chosen. On the iPhone, it equated to 24mm. I made sure to shoot the image in raw format to allow for better color grading and more flexibility.

The lighting set up was an easy set up. Illya decided to use the KYU-6 RGB light to add pops of purple and green to the photo. The sole of the shoe lacked structure, so Illya placed a bi-color KYU-6 under the shoe and turned it to a warmer temperature. It was important to Illya to create this shot with the most basic setup to show that you can do a lot with these lights and a cell phone.

It is easy to put this light in small spaces, hide it in plain sight, or wrap it around an object. Sure enough, it works as a bracelet.  

You can read the full article here.

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