Your Wearable Light

Feather-light, magnetic, rechargeable wearable light

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Use Anywhere

A light with infinite mounting options: On a street lamp, street post, refrigerator, and any metallic surface. We also got you covered with metal discs to mount your light anywhere!


works with any phone

Lumiee is wrappable, and works with any phone, just wrap the bracelet around your phone and you are good to shoot.

Slap n’ wrap

No need for brackets or accessories, simply snap your light on the phone and you are ready to go live

Buy Three and get a FREE three-way charging cable

Buy Three + free cable

Works with you

Fits any laptop

Lumiee works with any laptop, simply by wrapping it around the monitor


Accurate color and skin tones

Full color control to fit your enviroment, indoors or outdoors. High color rendition technology for perfect skin tones.

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