KYU-6™ RGB LED Light Wrap


  • 14 bright clean wavelength RGB LEDs, 120° light angle on a single Light Wrap
  • Main colors: Red, Green, Blue with 15 sub-colors
  • 5 brightness levels + 5 different effect modes (Breathing, Police, Fire, TV, Fireworks)
  • Standard Micro-USB charge port with charging cable, up to 8 hours of runtime
  • Splash-proof, magnetic back, light wrap/bracelet
  • Mounting thread, hole and magnetic mounting options

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KYU-6™ are the world’s lowest profile Cine-Lights. Our award-winning, magnetic mounting, wrappable and wearable cine-lights easily add a splash of light, color, or accent to your photos and videos. Use as a single light stick, a panel of three lights, or simply wrap KYU-6 around fixtures, or as a wearable light for endless creative lighting options.

KYU-6 is amazingly compact, featherlight, and packed with features. The KYU-6 RGB features 14 clean-wavelength LEDs, which you can tune to red, green, blue, and secondary colors in between.

It features five levels of dimming and 15 different colors, so dialing in your setting is incredibly intuitive and fast. You control the brightness as well with 5 brightness settings. KYU-6 features excellent color rendition. Clean wavelength RGB LEDs deliver excellent colors and pleasing tones for both video and photo.

KYU-6 has a wide array of effects to fulfill your creative vision. The effects include Breathing, Police, Fire, TV and Fireworks.

KYU-6 is great as a closeup light, but it al

so excels as a small fill light. At 42 grams, its narrow 5mm profile and infinite mounting options work wonders in small spaces like cars or adding a splash of light and color placed behind objects. Each KYU-6 features a magnetic back and magnetic discs that you can apply to non-magnetic surfaces. It has two threads for vertical or horizontal mounting and features its famous slap mechanism for wearing or mounting on just about any object.Its versatility makes it ideal for photographers and filmmakers alike.

KYU-6 features a standard micro-USB port that you can use for charging. A single charge will last between one and eight hours, depending on brightness. But you can also keep KYU-6 connected to a USB port for a light that keeps running forever. You can even connect a three-way cable to three KYU-6 lights from a single USB port for both charging and running. (KYU-6 Cable for 3 and KYU-6 Panel for 3 sold separately).

Additional information
Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 10.2 × 1.7 × 1.0 in
  • Main colors: Red, Green, Blue
  • 15 sub-colors
  • Operation time @ full power: 1 Hour
  • Operation time @ low power: 8 Hours
  • Effects: Breathing, Police, Fire, TV, Fireworks
In The Box
  • 1x KYU-6 RGB Light Wrap
  • 1x Charging Cable
  • 4x Magnetic mounting discs
  • Silicon band
  • Warranty card
KYU-6™ RGB LED Light Wrap