KYU-6™ Filmmakers Pro Kit


Flexible, powerful, and compact lighting. Simple panel configuration options, easy charging, and everything you need for video lighting in the Filmmakers Pro Kit.

  • Six wrappable, magnetic lighting devices in two flavours: bi-color and RGB
  • Two KYU-6™ Panels for Three to create bigger, brighter lights
  • Two KYU-6™ Charging for Threes to charge three KYU-6™ devices from one USB port
  • RGB: 15 colors and five brightness settings
  • Bi-color: 2700 to 6500K color temperature range

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Oodles of flexible and controllable light that’s simple to manipulate, straightforward to charge, and great value for money? That’s the KYU-6™TM Filmmakers Pro Kit. In it, you’ll find: 

  • Three KYU-6™ RGB light wraps 
  • Three KYU-6™ Bi-Color light wraps 
  • Two KYU-6™ Panels for Three 
  • Two KYU-6™ Charging for Threes 

KYU-6™ light wraps are quite literally flexible lighting units that deliver powerful, controllable light in two flavours: bi-color and RGB. You can secure them using their magnetic backs, their ¼-20 threads, or even wrap them around people or objects. And they won’t weigh you down, being just 42g and 5mm wide. They can go almost anywhere being splashproof and with a maximum run time of eight hours off one charge. You can use them individually or make a panel from three. 

The bi-color wraps make excellent key lights, fill lights, accent lights, or close-up lights that produce highly accurate color with their 2700 to 6500K temperature range. Each wrap has 28 LEDs and five brightness settings. There are also five programmed modes for convenience: breathing, candle, explosion, red carpet, and a fast stroboscopic effect. 

With the RGB wraps you have accent lights, motion lighting, and perfect splashes of color at your fingertips. With 15 different colors and five brightness settings the RGB wraps place accent lights, motivated lighting, and perfect splashes of color at your fingertips. Its five programmed modes give you breathing, fire, fireworks, police, and TV lighting. 

For an even more powerful light source, you can combine three KYU-6™ units into a single panel with the KYU-6™ Panel for Three. Mount it using its magnetic backing and by affixing it to a light stand or magic arm via its ¼-20 thread to give yourself a slim but bright key light that can go just about anywhere. 

You can charge your KYU-6™ devices to use on the move, or power them directly from a USB port in heavier-use scenarios. If you don’t want to get in a cable tangle or are wondering where to get three spare USB ports from for simultaneous charging, there’s no need. With the KYU-6™ Charging for Three you can power up three KYU-6™ units from one USB port.

  • Up to eight hours’ use from one charge, or run continuously from a USB port
  • RGB programmed modes: breathing, fire, fireworks, police, TV
  • Bi-color programmed modes: breathing, candle, explosion, red carpet, and a fast stroboscopic effect
  • 120º beam angle
  • Can be attached to light stands or magic arms using ¼-20 thread
  • Splashproof

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California residents WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm –

Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6.5 × 2 in
  • RGB: Main colors: Red, Green, Blue, 15 sub-colors
  • Bi-Color: CRI 95, 2700-6500 Kelvin
  • Operation time @ full power: 1 Hour
  • Operation time @ low power: 8 Hours
  • 5 different effects each
  • 3x KYU-6™ RGB Light Wraps
  • 3x KYU-6™ Bi-Color Light Wraps
  • 4x Magnetic mounting discs for each KYU-6™
  • 2x KYU-6™ Panels for 3
  • 2x KYU-6™ Cables for 3
KYU-6 Kit Pro
KYU-6™ Filmmakers Pro Kit
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